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In a city of so many possibilities, we are keen on your choices to secure your dental health and beautiful smile.  Healthy Smile New York Dentistry has always taken a patient first approach and always elevates the patient above all else.  By taking a simple approach to the art of listening, speaking, and discussing the patients health directly with the patient, Dr. Amed, together with her staff, has emphatically distinguished her practice from an industry which has often turned dentistry into a business first concept.  The practice rarely uses a hygienist because the practice philosophy is premised upon dentist/patient contact.

This philosophy creates a far superior understanding of the needs, history and sensitivities of the patient to foster a relationship that is unique to each person. An understanding of the needs, concerns and future goals of each patient is paramount in adopting and executing a treatment plan.  Whether the goal is to restore a tooth with a porcelain crown place porcelain veneers on front teeth for a pretty smile, or to use clear braces for teeth straightening, it is the product of dentist/patient understanding.

Yes, our office is modern, yes it is new, yes we have the newest technology, yes we are located in the heart of Manhattan, and yes to so much else that is true to many offices in New York City, but most importantly, all of this exists because of our commitment to and our investment in our patients.  Above all else, to us, your oral health is paramount and we firmly believe that it must work together with a beautiful smile.  Thus, the health of your teeth and the cosmetic procedures you choose are not mutually exclusive but work in conjunction with each other to enhance your appearance and confidence.


Dental Services

Healthy Smile New York offers comprehensive dental care including preventative, cosmetic and surgical dentistry. We promote preventative care for all of our patients and will work with you to develop a healthy dental hygiene regimen. Your smile depends on regular cleanings, X-ray screenings and everyday brushing and flossing. We provide dental services such as fillings, sealants, crowns, dentures, root canals, implants and tooth extractions. If you are looking to safely whiten or straighten your teeth, Healthy Smile New York can perform a personal evaluation to create the best solution for you. Our practice relies on the latest dental technology and equipment.  Healthy Smile New York is conveniently located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, close to the Upper West Side, Rockefeller Center, the Upper East Side and Central Park, and is accessible by several subway lines. Call our office at 212-904-0277 to schedule an appointment.

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PhotoDr. Amanda Nichols Amed

Dr. Amanda Nichols Amed completed her graduate and postgraduate dental training at Columbia University in New York City, and obtained her Bachelor of Science degree at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.  Upon graduation from dental school Dr. Amed was accepted into the highly competitive Advanced Education in General Dentistry program at Columbia University.  While finishing her training in treating complex cosmetic and preventative dentistry cases that provides the foundation for her success today she has also cherished being able to provide guidance and training to DDS candidates in their training.  Personalized, attentive, professional and a health first approach to dentistry that all her patients have come to respect and love about her is her credo and her philosophy.

Dr. Amed did her growing up in the sailing and fishing towns of picturesque Marblehead and Swampscott, Massachusetts.  Her New England roots defined her love for the ocean, sailing, and seafood.  Growing up sailing the Marblehead harbor, she also loved teaching it to the generation behind her.  Now, her love for dentistry is her best reward and she is thrilled to help people with a happy, healthy, and vibrant smile in the heart of midtown under the lights of New York City.

During her time at McGill University, while she excelled towards the completion of her degree in biochemistry she also devoted herself to medical research later publishing her findings several times in prestigious medical journals.  Her pursuit of answers in the field of dentistry and medicine witnessed her continued devotion to research and further publication of her findings while she was a DDS candidate at Columbia University.  The oceans of New England will be home for the holidays, but the reward of helping people to smile confidently is her everyday joy.

An avid traveler, Dr. Amed’s holidays have taken her and her husband to places like Bhutan, Vietnam, Kenya, Thailand, India, Italy, Belgium, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, France, England and elsewhere points all over the globe.  Perhaps her patient population appreciates the expanse of her cultural insight because it is comprised of professionals, artists, singers, dancers, students, young, old, and middle, from all different walks of life and parts of the planet.  But, the ease of her brand of dentistry, based upon singular concepts of care, a personal connection with her patients, a comprehensive understanding of their needs, with the ability and desire to listen makes for seamless transition to her no matter the extent of a person’s past dental experience.  A visit to Dr. Amed’s office reveals her desire to share her personal existence reflected in the personal nature of her care, in the paintings of her late father, Ronald Nichols, and from her travels, and in the personal decorative touches of her sister, and her mother.
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Patient Information

Dr. Amed and her staff are dedicated to providing you with a pleasant and friendly visit. Dr. Amed provides all dental services, does not use a hygienist and will always lend you her ear. Doctor/patient communication is of paramount importance in helping you to display a smile you’ll cherish. We are ready to help you with questions about scheduling, financial policy and insurance, to make that part of the process as simple as possible.

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